What’s the Deal With Co-washes?

What’s the Deal With Co-washes?

Co-washes, Everything You Need to Know 


There’s a lot of buzz going around about co-washes and whether or not it’s good for your curls... we’re here to break it down for you in the simplest way possible. Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s start by defining co-washing. Basically, co-washing is replacing your shampoo with just one product that can cleanse your hair like a shampoo and keep your hair moisturized like a conditioner. It’s a two in one!

So why can using a co-wash get a bad rep? Some people say that co-washing doesn’t fully cleanse the hair like a traditional shampoo does, causing buildup of product on the scalp. This can be true if your wash day consists of solely co-washing time and time again. That’s why Curl + Texture Expert, Jeannetta Walker- Rodgers recommends interchanging your co-wash routine with an enhancing low shampoo like our SDL Curls Shampoo. This means you would alternative co-wash and shampoo every wash day.


Natural texture – especially coarse– tends to be dryer than other hair textures. That’s why our girls [and guys] with natural curls can really benefit from adding a co-wash to their routines. It’s a great way to retain moisture and strengthen the hair follicles. When you shampoo, you strip away the natural oils in your hair and scalp. When you co-wash you are still scrubbing your scalp but you won’t wash away those natural oils, so your hair remains stronger and healthier with better moisture retention and less breakage.


How often should I wash my hair? The next hot topic when it comes to #curlcare.

Hair type and texture play a role when it comes to how often you should co-wash. The coarser your hair, the more you may want to use a co-wash to give your curls some added moisture. And it’s the same deal with tightness! Jeanetta tells us that, the tighter your curls are, the more you need to implement co-washing, but still in a rotation with an enhancing low shampoo.  See below for some help identifying your hair type and texture.


Identifying your curl pattern:

Identifying Your Curl Pattern


Okay, I’m convinced - now how do I start implementing co-washing to my routine? 

We’ll break it down for you. 

  1. First you’re going to apply your first round of co-wash,

  2. Scrub the scalp - remember scrubbing the scalp is what will help you cleanse and remove build-up since your ditching the shampoo!

  3. Rinse your hair completely.

  4. Round 2!- Apply your 2nd round of co-wash.

  5. Work through from roots to ends.

  6. Rinse your hair completely.


ALWAYS alternate your Co-Wash, with an enhancing shampoo. Example: If you wash your hair twice a week, once a week use an enhancing shampoo, and once with the hydrating co-wash.