How To: Hair Detox

How To: Hair Detox


with Semi di Lino Sublime Hair Detox Mask


If you're like us, and the majority of the population, you've been stuck at home and most likely skipping out on your #haircare routine. Put down the dry shampoo + keep reading, your hair will thank you!

Our Semi di Lino Detoxifying Mud Mask gently removes impurities from the hair + scalp, making your hair look and feel radiant and revitalized. Its clay texture gives a feeling of cleanliness and wellbeing. This mask will purify, perfect, and enhance all hair types to create extraordinary beautiful hair. For the Step by Step on how to use it –at home, scroll down!


Beauty Insider - Detox Mud How to

HOW TO: Step by Step

  1. Apply on damp hair and scalp. Leave on the hair for 10-15 minutes under a heat source, so the product will dry and absorb the pollutants from the hair then rinse.

  2. Shampoo with Nutritive Low Shampoo, rinse and then towel dry.

  3. Mix 20g Semi di Lino Nutritive Mask and 1 vial Nutritive Essential Oil Apply on damp hair for 20-25 minutes under a heat source. Rinse.

And that's it. Try it at home, and let us know what you think!

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