Clean. Green. Italian.

Clean. Green. Italian.

OLOS, the NEW Green Skincare line that’s committed to sustainability and taking care of the planet.

More than just skincare, it’s about 360 sustainability and holistic well-being because for us, going green is a choice. 

Ready to go green with us? 

From key tips on how to change small everyday actions to greener actions, to integrating nature and all its benefits to your routine. Made with all-natural, sustainably sourced ingredients, in a world full of unknows’ we made sure our OLOS products weren’t. 


Let’s talk ingredients!


Known as the “hairy superfood” Rambutan –grown in in Vietnam– is used in cocktails and smoothies, and even in curry dishes, and as they say, what’s good to eat is great for your skin! This superfood is packed with anti-aging properties that stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin, such as retinol. Ready to try Rambutan for yourself? Try in our Youth-enhancing Fluid Concentrate.


Indian Ginseng

If you’ve heard of or tried Ashwagandha, a well-known adaptogen, then you know of Indian Ginseng! Not only is this ingredient amazing at boosting energy levels and reducing stress and anxiety, but it’s also used in skin care to brightening & energizing skin tissue. Did we mention it reduces skin fatigue? Grab our Nourishing Moisturizing Cream today to get some Ashwagandha in your life.


Olos Ingredients Chestnuts

, not just delicious, but also a superfood for your skin, and an effective natural ingredient in our OLOS products. Chestnuts –in your skincare– revive dull, dreary skin for a natural glow up to keep you glowing all year long.




Pesto, pizza, salad, and more! Arugula, edible on so many of our favorite dishes, is also packed with huge benefits for your skin. When its natural properties are extracted and added to your skincare, it delivers antioxidants and minerals that protect your skin from environmental damage, such as pollutants and stress. Get your greens with our Youth Lip and Eye Cream.


Macadamia Oil


Full of flavor especially when used in sweet treats, macadamia nuts are native to Australia. Our products formulated with Macadamia Oil help to nourish the skin, reduce the appearance of scars, and prevent wrinkles. Plus, it’s a great ingredient to calm sensitive skin. 




Tomato, fruit, or veggie? This iconic fruit ­–that everyone usually confuses for a veggie– is known to be packed with antioxidants such as lycopene and Vitamin C. Two ingredients that are key to protect skin from the sun and from blemishes. For cleat skin grab our Micellar Water.


Hyper-Fermented Aloe


Finally, we introduce our Star ingredient! 

Sustainably sourced, certified organic, and extracted through a sustainable green process known as Hyper-fermentation, our Hyper-fermented Aloe! Using aloe, a medicinal plant from Mexico, this innovative active ingredient is the key to how effective our products work. Hyper fermentation doubles the number of free polyphenols, quadruples its antioxidant power and increases the amino-acid protein content by 118%, making it a super hydrating active ingredient for hydrated, supple skin.  

To sum it up… 

No matter your skin type, oily, dry, or combination, your skincare products have a huge impact on your overall health. #didyouknow our skin is our largest organ and the one that absorbs the most toxins from what we put on it? 

And it’s not just your skin health that products and chemicals affect, but your overall health. So why not make the choice, and #gogreen? 

OLOS. Natural. Sustainable. Italian.

Discover the OLOS skin care products, and all the natural ingredients, and see for yourself how positively healthy and glowing your skin, and body, can be.