Celebrating Women's Day

Celebrating Women's Day


Happy Women’s History Month and a Happy International Women’s Day from the Alfaparf USA team! 

“Women must always remember who they are and what they are capable of.” - Virginia Wolf


What began as Women’s History Week, on March 7, 1982, has become an entire celebratory month, taking place every March.

Women’s History Month celebrates the progress made towards achieving gender equality and women's empowerment. This month also marks the accomplishments of women across the globe.

At Alfaparf Milano we believe in uplifting our diverse community of women every day. We wouldn’t be who we are with you, so thank you for making the world a better place. We couldn’t turn down the opportunity to highlight all the strong, amazing women in our APM team who continue to inspire us. Check out what they had to say below: 


Check Out What Our Team Has to Say!

Why is it important to have women taking part in business, leadership, and influential roles in the beauty industry?

As women leaders, we have an obligation to mentor and support other women in the workforce to help them become future leaders. This includes guiding their professional development, helping build their confidence, and coaching them through challenges. Throughout my career in the beauty industry, there were very few women at the top, so I often did not have female role models to emulate. As I progressed in my career, I was committed to being a positive female influence and frequently advocated for other women to help them succeed.  I want to serve as a mentor and a sponsor for women as a way of giving back and encouraging them to reach their full career potential in the hope that one day they will do the same. 

- Elaine Jeffcoat, Vice President of Sales Alfaparf Milano 


Why do you believe it is important to have female-led mentorship? 

 Not only is it important it is necessary, looking back on the impact my female role models had on me it's always about the support and compassion they gave me in the times I needed it most. Having the support of strong women who will help you realize your potential and say "it's ok, it's a process, do not give up" was one of the most important lessons I've learned throughout the years. It's not always about grand gestures sometimes it's just about showing up and showing support. It is truly the most empowering thing we can do as women to lift each other up and have each other's back.

Vanessa Alvarez, Social Media Specialist, Alfaparf Milano 


What achievement made by a woman are you most thankful for, and why?

I am most thankful for Audre Lorde's achievement in increasing America's awareness of intersectionality in feminism. She is considered the mother of Intersectionality and identified specific issues of age, gender, class, race, and health, and how these categories effects feminism and a woman's individual experience. My experience as a black woman in feminism is a completely different experience than those experiences of my counterparts. Audre Lorde’s achievements help women in multiple categories be recognized and seen in a system that didn’t consider us in the fight for women’s rights and equality initially. I am forever grateful.

- Jeannetta Walker, Technical Director Alfaparf Milano 


 Who is the most influential woman you know? How does she inspire you?

The most inspirational woman I know is my aunt Mari, she is to me, the true definition of a resilient woman She inspires me because no matter what was going on in her life personally or professionally, she deals with challenges with a smile on her face. She is the most selfless and toughest woman I know.

 - Adriana Sarmiento, Social Media Specialist, Alfaparf Milano 


What would I say to encourage women not to give up?

Give up what? Our dreams? Holding fast to your dream and seeing it through to realization requires stamina, persistence, and perseverance. It requires having a picture in your mind (or on paper) of what that dream looks like, a pretty good picture of your first step, and confidence that you will fill in the gap as you go from step one to the finish line. It requires acting, making forward motions toward the dream. And so, what if the dream changes a bit (or a lot) along the way? People will tell you no. They will tell you that you don't know enough yet, have enough information or experience. (Or maybe you are telling yourself that?) They will tell you to take the safe route, the reliable route. That's wonderful if your dream is on that route. But if it's not, to hell with the safe and reliable route. So be bold, be audacious, and relentless about bringing your dreams to life, in your own way, on your own terms. Just start somewhere. And know that you have a force of women cheering you on, every step of the way.

- Betsy Hamlett, Senior Vice President Alfaparf Milano North America


 How does the beauty industry impact or affect women? Would you say we are moving in the right direction?

The beauty industry has a huge impact on women, how they see themselves and what they feel they should look like. Within the industry, there are lots of brands and different approaches to beauty and definitions of what's beautiful. It's important for women to get clear on their definition of beauty and find a brand they identify with. I believe beauty is more than just following a trend, it's about embracing what makes you unique and finding brands that help bring out your natural beauty. Every day more and more brands are working to embrace this philosophy of unique beauty, diversity, and inclusivity as well as creating products that are natural, clean, and sustainable such as OLOS. To me, that's a step in the right direction, and I hope that more and more brands take this route, as it's important for us as consumers, and the planet.

-  Mei Ling Alvarez, Sr. Director of Brand Communication and Digital Strategy

To all the wonderful women in our Alfaparf family, this month and beyond, we celebrate you and will continue to highlight your achievements.  


Ciao for now and Happy Women’s Day, 
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